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The leading explanation among cosmologists for the observation that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate is the presence of Dark Energy. Observations of celestial dynamics also suggest the presence of Dark Matter.  Neither of these constructs has been detected and yet they remain the prevailing explanations for unexpected observations about real celestial motion.  The ideas and theory presented here at advances new gravity thinking by considering a paradigm shift in the characterization of gravity and the texture of spacetime so that explanations for the accelerating expanding universe and the behavior of celestial motion need not include either Dark Energy or Dark Matter. 

The main intent of this site and the benefit of presenting this approach in general is to share break-through thinking and the impetus for cosmologists and theoretical astrophysicists to focus experimentation to validate the likelihood that spacetime texture analysis could provide the most logical explanation of “how” for many of the most important and popular unsolved mysteries about our observed universe.  

Click to read a simple and elegant idea for an alternative “universal gravity” explanation to Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  This content has been reviewed by credentialed cosmologists and now requesting additional input and feedback to ultimately seek endorsement and posting on

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Click here to read clarifying points raised by cosmologists reviews plus offering a mathematics foundation so that credentialed cosmologists dedicated to the field of study can launch a new platform and approach in the exploration of alternative theories to Dark Energy and Dark Matter to explain celestial body dynamics.